Incredible Hulk Fantastic Four game

Incredible Hulk game Milton Bradley released their Incredible Hulk with the Fantastic Four game in 1978.

Each player takes on the role of one of the members of the Fantastic Four. Dr. Banner has turned into the Hulk, and is rampaging across the city; it is the mission of the Fantastic Four to collect four cards to form a full picture of Banner's face in order to get him to change back and end his destruction (?!). Players move according to a spinner (the pointer is the Hulk's left arm), and if the spinner doesn't point to a number, the player may draw one of the Dr. Banner cards (24 in all, with images repeated). Every time the player moves his piece, the Hulk piece moves an equal number of spaces; if the Hulk lands on the same space as the player, the player is forced to give up one of his Dr. Banner cards.

While not the most intellectually challenging or thematically-creative game, it at least has players taking the role of the Fantastic Four chasing after a rampaging Hulk (bringing to mind such classic comic book stories as that in Fantastic Four #112).

Note: The Hulk's human alter-ego is referred to as just 'Dr. Banner' here because although comic book fans of the time knew the character's first name was Bruce, TV audiences were told that he was called David Banner.