James Bond Secret Agent 007 game

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James Bond game The James Bond Secret Agent 007 Game was released by Milton Bradley in 1964. It required 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up.

The game consisted of each player moving his three secret agents around the board to different locations, each supposedly rife with intrigue (i.e., a casino, a subway station, a 'back alley, etc.). The agents will spy on that particular location, chosen by the use of cards. The edge of the board consisted of green and orange spaces, within which a player's agents may or may not rendezvous with one another. Players collected points by performing certain actions; the amount of point they collected was determined by a clock at the base of the board.

The game itself was, predictably, fairly generic; and it could have been done entirely without the James Bond tie-in, although this would have undoubtedly reduced sales.

Two variations of the box lid exist: one depicts a generic secret agent character in a tuxedo punching out the bad guy, with a brunette in the background; the other very prominently features the face of actor Sean Connery as the agent, with a blonde girl in the background. The boxes are otherwise identical.