MacDonalds Farm game

MacDonald's Farm Selchow & Righter released their MacDonald's Farm game in 1965.

From the game description:
Four Scotch brothers, Sandy, Neil, Jock and Rob MacDonald, own four adjoining farms. But they have no livestock, no poultry, not even a dog for their farms. They can get what they need at the County Fair, but because the supply of each item is limited as each brother wants to be the FIRST to stock his farm, the competition is keen and exciting. In playing MacDonald's Farm Game, you can take the part of one of the Scotch brothers and attempt by "Selecting Stock at the County Fair" - "Cornering the Market" - "Trading" and "Unloading Surpluses," to be the FIRST to stock up your own farm.

The game comes with:
4 cardboard farms
1 spinner
112 die-cut animals (20 chickens, 4 dogs, 12 pigs, 12 roosters, 16 turkeys, 12 cows, 12 goats, 8 horses, 16 sheep)