Muppet Show game

Muppet Show Game The Muppet Show Game was released by Parker Brothers in 1977. There was another board game called The Muppet Show released by the same company, in 1979.

In this game, each player takes the role of one of the Muppets and is given a Script (the premise of the show was that of a weird cast of characters putting on a stage performance each week). The player uses a spinner to determine which Act and Scene he should use on that turn (each one having an instruction such as Move Ahead One Space, etc.). The first player to reach his personal ending space is the winner.

From the copy on the box:
It's showtime! And Muppet-mania has broken loose on stage. Our playful performers scurry about, bobbing stage left, weaving stage right, in a frantic, frenzied race to the footlights.
Muppets, Muppets everywhere! And you can move them all. You control the chaos, with a little "frog-imagination" from Kermit. Using his script and double spinner, direct the Muppets and their sets to their proper positions for curtain call.
If you get your Muppets there first, the applause belongs to you.

The Muppet Show was a popular family entertainment program that was syndicated between 1976 and 1981 in the U.S.