Mystic Skull game

Mystic Skull game Mystic Skull, the Game of Voodoo, was manufactured by Ideal in 1964. It required 2 to 4 players, no minimum age indicated.

Each player assumed the role of a witch doctor. The object of the game was to fill the opponents' voodoo dolls with pins, before one's own was filled. A plastic cauldron sat in the center of the board; by stirring it with a bone, the player caused the 'mysterious moving skull', which was suspended by a longer stick over the board, to turn and stop in a certain direction, thus indicating movement for the player's piece. Each player started the game with a certain number of tokens which he could use to zap other players or to improve his own situation. The player whose voodoo doll became full of pins was out of the game, so that the last player with open pinholes emerged the winner.

The game itself was ingeniously designed, with a unique turn-play mechanism and a colorful board. The tokens each featured such items as snakes, spiders, shrunken heads, etc. The entire concept naturally played upon kids' love of the mysterious and grotesque.