Outer Limits board game

Outer Limits game The Outer Limits Game was released by Milton Bradley in 1964. It was based on the popular sci-fi TV show, which was slanted toward younger viewers and tended to feature a 'monster' each week.

The game was for 2 to 4 players. The object of the game was to locate and destroy monsters in order to prevent a number of catastrophes which threatened Earth. The game board was divided into four 'Tracking Laboratories, each with an electronic viewscreen on which a monster's image could be seen. Each monster image was divided into four parts, represented by playing cards. There were 42 cards total: 8 'Radar Image', 32 'Monster Parts', and 2 Wildcards.

The entire deck of cards was shuffled and between five and ten cards (depending on how many players there were) were distributed between players. Players drew one card and then attempted to play one card somewhere on the board in that turn. The player who got rid of his cards first, won the game.

The simplicity of the game made it suitable mainly for younger players, aged 8 to 10 or so.

The box for this game measured 10"x20".