Park and Shop game

Park and Shop game Milton Bradley released their version of the Park and Shop game at least as early as 1960.

This ingenious little game allows players to take on the role of a person who must travel to the Park & Shop mall and eliminate all of the items on her shopping list. The game board is a maze of spaces where the player must travel to each store to get the relevant items on her list, park, go and purchase the items, and then return home; the first player who can successfully do so wins the game.

Parts of this game include:
Game board
6 car markers
6 pedestrian markers
6 indicator markers
Play money
96 game cards:
- 12 Red motorist cards
- 12 Blue parking ticket cards
- 24 Green pedestrian cards
- 48 Yellow shopping cards

This game was originally published by Traffic Game Inc. Company of Allentown, Pennsylvania, as early as 1950. An imaginative board game for younger or older children, it proved a popular game during its publshing lifetime.