Payday board game

Payday game The game of Payday was published by Parker Brothers in 1975.

Payday is a game about accumulating, and keeping, one's money for a set amount of time (in months) determined before the game begins. Players earn their paycheck, but also get opportunities to make deals to earn more money, such as selling a collectible (an autograph or coin collection) or mainstream business opportunity (condominium property, food franchise). As in the real world, however, there are also debts that are accumulated, such as utility bills or auto repairs. The game board is divided into the 31 days of one month, and it is at the end of each month that each player is paid and his debts are paid.

Game contents include:
Game board
79 Mail cards (bills)
16 Deal cards
4 pawns
1 Savings & Loan peg chart with 8 pegs
1 Die

Payday is something of a classic boardgame, having been in and out of print continuously since its introduction. Although the monetary aspects of the game may be too sophisticated for younger children to grasp, it can also be seen as an opportunity to teach one's teenaged children about the responsibilities of money (without the preachiness of other parent-approved games).

Note: Versions of the game after this 1975 original have a Savings & Loan scoring pad rather than this peg chart, and 64 Mail cards rather than the 79 here.

Payday was created by game designer Paul J. Gruen.