Perfection game

Perfection The game of Perfection was first released by Lakeside in 1973. It has subsequently been published by Hasbro.

The game itself is elegantly simple. A plastic device allows for small plastic items of various shapes to be fit into holes, each specifically designed to fit a particular piece, so that the game is one of matching the correct piece to the correct hole. The innovation is that a timer is attached to the device, and when the time runs out (unless the child places all pieces correctly and turns the timer off) the pieces are all propelled out of their holes, to the surprise of the players.

Perfection is a game that has been re-released several times over the years, popular mainly because of its appeal to younger children, who are enamored of shapes and of the 'pop' when the timer runs out. It has been published in several countries, and has spawned a number of sequels, such as Computer Perfection and Head-to-Head Perfection.