The Price Is Right game

The Price Is Right game The home game version of the TV series The Price Is Right was first published by Milton Bradley in 1974.

One player acts as host to set up the puzzles and verify correct answers, while the other players make bids on prizes. The player who bids closest without going over plays a pricing game against the house for more prizes. Players may then go to the finale, which is called the Showcase Round. The two players involved may be the players with the highest scores, or it may be the players who won their respective Showcase Showdowns (according to the edition of the game). Each player has three prizes, and guesses what the total value of one's own three prizes is. The person who guesses closer without going over is the winner.

There have been several versions of this game produced over the years by different companies. All follow the same basic format outlined above; some newer versions have the role of host taken over by tracks on a DVD.