Qubic game

Qubic game Parker Brothers first published their game of Qubic in 1953.

Qubic was a four-in-a-row game played in a 4×4×4 matrix. The original box, and the 1972 reissue, described the game as "Parker Brothers' 3D Tic Tac Toe Game." Players take turns placing pieces to get four in a row horizontally or diagonally on a single board, or vertically in a column or diagonal line across four boards. These were made of clear plastic (in a simple square design in the original release and in a funkier design for the 1972 reissue) with circular playing pieces that resembled small poker chips in red, blue, and yellow; each player used a single color. Markers could be placed in any unoccupied position, rather than stacked in a pile on a square as in Score Four.

Either two or three players could participate in a game. In two-person play, the first player will win if there are two optimal players. There are 76 winning lines. The 16 positions lying at the 4 space diagonals (8 corners and 8 internal positions) are equavalent and each involved in 7 winning lines; the other 48 positions (24 face positions and 24 edge positions) are also equivalent, each being involved in four winning lines.