Square Mile game

Square Mile game Square Mile, 'the land development game,' was released by Milton Bradley in 1962.

Square Mile is an ingeniously-constructed game in which players work to develop a single square mile of virgin land, and build it into a thriving community with businesses, citizens, etc. The player who earns the most money is the winner.

From the game copy: In Square Mile, the players are modern age pioneers who take a 'Square Mile' of raw land and develop it into a thriving community. Players, starting with $100,000, compete with each other, increasing their assets as they build roads, subdivide tracts, and construct houses, schools, churches, industrial buildings, shopping centers, and apartments. The 'Square Mile' GROWS right before their eyes as the game progresses. The player who Buys, Sells, and Builds most wisely will be the Winner!"

The game pieces include:
Game board
25 Black boundary markers (which snap onto the board to make a grid)
1 Value card
16 Planning cards
24 Zonning cards, "A to X"
2 Strips of railroad cards
20 Tract cards:
- 5 Industrial ($12,000) cards
- 5 Apartment ($15,000) cards
- 8 House ($10,000) cards
- 1 Church ($10,000) card
- 1 Shopping center ($15,000) card
16 Bridges
36 Roads
18 Subdivisions
21 buildings:
- 5 Appartments
- 5 Factories
- 9 Housing tracts
- 1 School
- 1 Church
20 Pawns (pyramid-shaped):
- 5 Red pawns
- 5 Blue pawns
- 5 Green pawns
- 5 Yellow pawns
1 Pad of paper