Strategic Command game

Strategic Command The game of Strategic Command was introduced by Transogram in 1962.

The game is similar to Battleship in that two players use military forces to locate (and 'hit') their opponents' hidden pieces. In Strategic Command, players compete across a vertical board divided into land and sea squares. Neither player knows the location of his opponent's pieces. Each player has a Headquarters piece that cannot move. Each player uses a spinner to determine how many movement points he gets (1 to 4); he then moves his military pieces around the board hoping to land directly opposite his opponent's Headquarters unit. If a player's piece is placed directly opposite an opponent's piece of any type, the opponent's piece is magnetically repelled off the board. When the opponent's Headquarters piece is removed, the player wins the game.

Within the game, Tanks may only travel on land, Ships only on water, and Planes can travel on any square.

Each player is given:
4 Tanks
3 Ships
3 Planes
1 Headquarters Star