Twister game

Twister The game of Twister was introduced by Hasbro in 1966.

The game is simple and very physical. Instead of a board, the game has a large vinyl mat that is spread out on the floor, big enough for a handful of adults to occupy; the mat is white with four rows of large colored dots. A spinner is used to determine a specific color (Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue) as well as a specific body part (Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Foot, Right Foot); the player has to place that body part on one of the corresponding colored squares on the mat.

For example, the spinner might indicate Left Hand, Blue, and the player would place that hand flat on one of the blue circles. The next player would be given a similar direction. Then the first player would be given another direction - Right Foot, Green, for example, which might force the player to twist his body into an uncomfortable position to comply. The first person who falls, or touches the mat with a knee or elbow, loses. The fun, then, is to see the players twisted into all sorts of impossibly contorted positions.

As one might expect, this is a popular party game for young people, especially for groups containing both sexes. Older youths are known to play Drunk Twister or Naked Twister, with the expected results.