Whosit? game Parker Borthers introduced the game of Whosit? in 1976.

Whosit? is a process-of-elimination game where players try to guess what characters they have each chosen randomly out of a group of 20 characters in the game. Players are given an initial number of question cards, and the questions may be asked of any of the other players. The player who gets a Yes answer may continue by drawing another card and asking another question; this can continue until he gets a No answer. When a player formally makes his guesses about the other players' characters, a mechanism is passed between those players to which they can add a small plastic chip in either the Yes or the No column. When the guessing player getss all Yes answers, he wins.

A monkey wrench is thrown into this otherwise straightforward game in that some characters are compelled to answer all questions with either Yes or No, or may answer randomly either way.

The game pieces include:
Game Board
6 Answer chips
1 Answer box
20 Character cards:
- Rock star
- Cowboy
- Judge
- Singer
- Super woman
- Detective
- Gangster
- Waiter
- Stuntman
- Geisha girl
- Vampire
- Director
- Music star
- Hero
- Genius
- Football player
- Starlet
- Spy
- Dancer
- Censor
48 Question cards
- 2 Are you a child?
- 2 Are you an adult?
- 4 Are you a male?
- 4 Are you a female?
- 2 Are you in a red room?
- 2 Are you in a blue room?
- 4 Are you in a gold room?
- 3 Are you black?
- 5 Are you white?
- 3 Are you oriental?
- 2 Do you have a moustache?
- 2 Do you smoke?
- 3 Are you holding something?
- 2 Do you have jewelry?
- 2 Do you have glasses?
- 2 Do you have a tie or scarf?
- 2 Do you have a hat or helmet?
- 2 (Ask any question)