Ahsokas Starfighter set 7751 - Star Wars Lego

Star Wars Lego 7751 Set #7751.

Grab the The Clone Wars from Lego's Star Wars series and witness the war between Ahsoka's Star fighter and Vulture Droid. Arrange all 291 pieces of this exciting Lego 7751 game set and have a blast. The Ahsoka's Star fighter and Vulture Droid game was launched in February 2009 as a part of second wave of the Clone War. The Clone Wars game is especially recommended for children between 8-10 years. The starfighter in this Lego 7751 game set measures 10-inch while the vulture Droid is 5-inch tall. This Ahsoka's Starfighter and Vulture Droid also includes Ahsoka Tano, R7 droid, 2 Buzz Droids, and a Vulture Droid.