Anakins Jedi Starfighter set 7669 - Star Wars Lego

Star Wars Lego 7669 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter Set #7669.

Star Wars Episode II, The Clone Wars, opens with one of the most exciting space war scenes, watching the young Anakin Skywalker and his companion fighting hundreds of spaceships. Now bring the excitement home with the Lego Star Wars Anakin's Jedi Starfighter model. This Lego Star Wars pack includes the R2-D2 and Anakin minifigures, looking exactly as they do in The Clone Wars. Recommended for children of ages 7-12, Anakin's Jedi Starfighter comes complete with flick-firing missiles, workable landing gear, and an ejection button. Use these to safely eject R2-D2 as you enjoy action-packed adventures with Anakin's Jedi Starfighter in a galaxy far, far away!