Droid Trifighter set 8086 - Star Wars Lego

Star Wars Lego Droid Tri-Fighter 8086 Set #8086

Beware this devastating droid starfighter!

Attacking in swarms during the Clone Wars, these dangerous droid starfighters are a real threat to the Republic…and the Jedi Knights! Protected by a team of jetpack-wearing rocket battle droids and their commander, the droid tri-fighter unleashes the firepower of its blaster cannon and flick-launching bombs on the enemies of the Separatists all across the galaxy. A battle droid can fit inside the central pod!

- Includes droid tri-fighter, 2 rocket battle droids and rocket battle droid commander
- Armed with lethal weaponry: flickfiring bombs and blaster cannon
- Cockpit opens to seat battle droid at the controls
- Each battle droid equipped with a jet pack
- Droid tri-fighter measures over 8" (20cm)