V-19 Torrent set 7674 - Star Wars Lego

Star Wars Lego V-19 Torrent 7674 Set #7674

Defend the Republic with the V-19 Torrent!

Battle the Separatist armies in space with the powerful V-19 Torrent starfighter, blasting straight out of the Clone Wars! Wings and landing gear move together automatically to switch between landing and flying modes. Authentically detailed with features including an opening cockpit, flick-firing missiles, and a new clone trooper pilot figure!

- Includes Clone Pilot minifigure!
- Launch the flick-fire missiles and open the sliding cockpit!
- Wings fold down and landing gear fold up to go from landing mode to flying mode!
- V-19 Torrent has a 21½" (55cm) wingspan!
- Measures 9" (23cm) long and 9½" (24cm) high!
- 471 Pieces