Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox

Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox The lunchbox kit featuring artwork depicting the Six Million Dollar Man was released by Aladdin in 1974.

The metal lunchbox featured artwork on both sides as well as along the edge. The front (shown here) depicted Steve Austin in various situations using his bionic strength; the reverse showed Col. Austin felling two criminals using an uprooted tree, while Oscar Goldman looks on.

Along the edges of the box, the four images are: a headshot of Austin with a target graphic over his left eye, as well as an image of his bionic legs being operated on; Austin in Oscar Goldman's office, the two discussing a mission; Austin in an astronaut suit in outer space, tethered to a nearby space capsule; and Austin lying on the ground, lifting a car with his bionic legs.

A plastic thermos was included. This had black trim and lid, while the main body showed similar artwork showing Steve Austin and Oscar, with Austin in various situations using his enhanced abilities.

A plastic version of this lunch kit was also released in Canada at roughly the same time. The metal lunchbox is generally easier to find.