Batman and Robin lunchbox

Batman lunchbox The Batman lunchbox was produced by Aladdin Industries in 1966-67 to coincide with the popularity of the television show. The artwork was faithful to the way the comic book was being drawn at that time.

The front of the box shows Robin swinging in to sock a crook, while Robin and the Batmobile sit in the background, against the larger Gotham City backdrop. On the reverse, Batman is hanging off the edge of a building reaching out to Robin, who is rescuing a small child from a fire inside the building.

The wraparound art features various adventure scenes: Batman and Robin the Batcave; the Penguin holding Robin captive on a lab table about to cremate him, while Batman is swooping in to the rescue; Batman throwing a Batarang with a wire attached, which captures the Joker and the Riddler; and Batman mixing chemicals at a lab table in the Batcave, while Robin arrives in the Batmobile.

The thermos is capped with a black lid, and artwork showing Batman, Robin, and various villains.