Bionic Woman lunchbox

Bionic Woman lunchbox This Bionic Woman metal lunchbox was released by Aladdin Industries in 1977.

The front of this lunchbox features Jamie Sommers splitting a phone book in half in front of a room full of schoolchildren, with a portrait of the character to the left. The back shows either Jamie stopping a car with her foot before it can run over Oscar Goldman, or outrunning a car with her bionic dog pacing her. The side images are bordered in white, while additional scenes of Jamie using her powers line the band.

The thermos shows a colored line drawing of the same portrait as on the box, along with Jamie in different scenes using her abilities. The lid is light blue.

As noted above, for some reason this lunchbox was released with two different scenes on the back of the box.

The artist of this box was Elmer Lehnhardt.