Buccaneer lunchbox

Buccaneer lunchbox Aladdin released their pirate-themed Buccaneers lunchbox in 1957.

The lunchbox features scenes of ruthless pirates, of pirates ships at sea, and even images of various-denomination coins, from the 18th & 19th centuries, that pirates may have used. It also features edge designs resembling the riveted edges of a pirate's treasure chest. The thermos features two pirates engaged in a knife-fight against a yellow sky; it sports a red lid.

This is reputed to be the first 'dome', or round-topped, lunch kit for children (rival King Seeley Thermos soon came out with a domed box painted like a red barn). Plain, unadorned dome kits for adults had existed for years. The boffins at Aladdin had decided to do a lunchbox (unauthorized) based on pirates due to the TV series The Buccaneers, starring Robert Shaw, which had aired the previous year; with a rounded top, it was noticed that a lunchbox could be vaguely shaped like a pirate's chest, so the design went into production.

The illustrations on this lunchbox were done by artist Robert Burton, who reputedly put his own face on a couple of the coins.