Campus Queen lunchbox

Campus Queen lunchbox Campus Queen was a lunchbox released by King Seeley Thermos in 1967; it remained on the market until about 1971.

The box depicts the sorts of scenes that contemporary girls recognized, or perhaps dreamed about: going to a formal dance, listening to records with friends, taking walks with a certain boy, etc. It was sort of a lunchtime equivalent of the Mystery Date boardgame.

The comparison to Mystery Date doesn't end there. In addition, Campus Queen advertised itself as a 'Magnetic Game Kit' - and, indeed, it is one of the few lunchboxes that doubles as a gameboard itself, with the entire reverse side of the box laid out like a traditional board game; it even came with magnetic playing pieces so that girls could move along the spaces and follow such game-instructions as 'Your gown is beautiful! Spin Again!' or 'Caught in the Rain. Go Back to Dress Shop.'

The box's compelling artwork was done by artist Nick LoBianco, a talented artist of many styles who (among other things) created the stylized logo for the TV musical group The Monkees.

Although relatively easy to find, Campus Queen is a difficult lunchbox to find in good condition, with the thermos and the game pieces.