Doctor Dolittle metal lunchbox

Doctor Dolittle lunchbox This Doctor Dolittle metal lunchbox was released by Aladdin in 1968.

The front side of this metal lunchkit shows Dr. Dolittle with his two-headed animal, the Pushme-Pullyu; the reverse shows him bandaging the tail of a giant snail. The side images are bordered in pink, and additional scenes line the band.

The thermos to this kit is steel and glass with a full-color lithograph showing characters from the film; it has a white plastic lid.

This lunchbox was released as part of the rather large merchandising campaign surrounding the release of the 1967 Doctor Dolittle film starring Rex Harrison. Unfortunately, the film was a flop, and much of the merchandise went unsold.

The artist on this box was Elmer Lehnhardt.