E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial lunchbox

E.T. lunchbox This metal lunchbox devoted to the Steven Speilberg film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial was released by Aladdin Industries in 1982.

The front of the box shows E.T. (with lit fingertip) and Elliot in the foreground, with E.T.'s spaceship against an outer-space background. The back of the box shows the scene in the film in which E.T. causes the boys and their bicycles to fly. The side images are bordered in yellow, while other painted scenes from the film line the band.

The plastic thermos for this kit shows a blue outer-space background with the faces of various characters, and a yellow lid.

Note: For whatever reason, there were two versions of the thermos produced, one with 'distressed' faces on the human characters (as shown at right), and another where they are smiling. Perhaps some Aladdin executive considered the original faces too dramatic for small children, and had them changed.