Emergency metal lunchbox

Emergency lunchbox This lunchbox devoted to the TV series Emergency! was released by Aladdin in 1973.

The front of the lunchbox shows the stars of the show providing medical assistance to a man while a building burns in the background. The reverse shows them high on the girders of an unfinished office building, rescuing two boys. The images are outlined in red. The band of the box shows other scenes of rescues and persons receiving medical treatment.

The thermos for this lunch kit is plastic with similar colored line drawings of different scenes, with a red cap.

There was a second Emergency! metal lunchbox released by Aladdin in 1977; it was a dome kit with different artwork.

Emergency! was a TV series that ran on NBC between 1972 and 1977. Each episode featured a pair of Los Angeles paramedics, John Gage and Roy DeSoto, performing dangerous rescue operations.