Lost In Space dome lunchbox

Lost in Space lunchbox In 1966 Aladdin Industries released their domed metal lunchbox devoted to the popular Lost In Space TV show, about the adventures of the Robinson family as they desperately try to get back to Earth.

This lunchbox featured full-color wraparound artwork. The front showed the family in their ground vehicle going over craggy alien terrain with a starry sky featuring the show logo in the background; the reverse showed three members of the family - mom and dad (aka Professor John and Maureen Robinson) and young Will being menaced by alien plantlife at the bottom, while the Robot looks on; at top, the rest of the family looks on helplessly from the Jupiter 2 craft in the background (while Dr. Smith is, curiously, nowhere to be found...).

The thermos bottle for this lunchbox disappointingly is a generic steel bottle showing various types of spaceships which have nothing to do with the show.