Col. Ed McCauley, Space Explorer

Colonel Ed McCauley, Space Explorer lunchbox

Aladdin released their Colonel Ed McCauley, Space Explorer lunchbox in 1960.

Fully lithographed with various space scenes around the rims and a light-blue trim, this lunchbox featured McCauley in his spacesuit out in the void while astronauts worked on a rocket in the background. The thermos showed a similar scene, apparently on the Moon's surface, and featured a yellow lid.

The Ed McCauley character was the protagonist of the TV series Men Into Space, with William Lundigan playing the Colonel. McCauley operated from a Moon-based station, encountering both the natural hazards of space as well as foreign agents. The series lasted two years, from 1959 to 1961.

The illustrations for this lunchbox were done by artist Elmer Lehnhardt.