Star Trek dome lunchbox

Star Trek lunchbox Aladdin Industries produced this classic Star Trek metal dome lunchbox in 1968-69. The popularity of the TV show allowed the company to sell over 250,000 kits. The artwork was by Bob Burton and Elmer Lehnhardt; the bulk of the material focuses on Kirk and Spock, with the main Enterprise crew shown on the bottom. The box and thermos retailed for about $3.49.

The front of the lunchbox features the Enterprise in flight against a night sky (complete with clouds, and a ringed Jupiter-like planet in the background). The reverse shows Kirk and Spock kneeling in an Enterprise corridor awaiting danger, Spock with a Tricorder and Kirk with a phaser rifle. The left side of the box shows Kirk and Spock in the transporter room; on the right side Kirk and Spock run down a hallway toward the viewer, bearing weapons. The box bottom shows Kirk, Spock, and four unidentifiable crewmen (three men and one woman, two men wearing orange shirts, the other green; the woman is in yellow, with blonde hair) on the bridge. Uhura, McCoy, and the rest of the cast are not present. The edges of the box are made to look like iron girders, separating the different scenes.

The metal thermos comes with a dark blue lide, with a wraparound graphic of Kirk, Spock, and a handful of crewmen on an alien planet, with the Enterprise sailing by in the background sky.