Tom Corbett Space Cadet lunchbox

Tom Corbett Space Cadet lunchbox Aladdin released this metal lunchbox devoted to the Tom Corbett, Space Cadet TV series in 1954.

The front of the box depicts the cadets surrounded by scientific equipment on what appears to be the Moon's surface; the back shows a (not to scale) map of the Solar system. The box is fully lithographed.

Two years previous, Aladdin had released a different Space Cadet lunchbox; it merely featured decals on either side, and came in red or blue.

Note: the thermoses for both releases are the same (showing the male and female lead standing proudly on the Lunar surfaces, somehow without wearing helmets); but the first-issue thermos has a yellow top and the second, a red one.

Tom Corbett, space cadet, first appeared on television in 1950. The show bounced around between all of the major networks of the time (NBC, CBS, ABC, and the Dumont network), but spun off successful onto radio, and into comic strips and toys.

The illustrations for this lunchbox were done by artist Bob Burton.