Aurora model kits

Aurora monster models Aurora Plastics Corp. began in 1950. The interesting part of the story begins in 1952 when the company was introduced to the hobby market, and began manufacturing model airplanes. Another company called Hawk was already selling plastic model planes (a few of which Aurora blatantly copied for their first releases), but these were only available in specialty hobby stores; Revell's model cars could be purchased at retail outlets, but they produced no airplane kits. So, Aurora immediately gained success with their model planes by having them available for sale in normal retail outlets, and at prices that were more than competitive.

Throughout the 1950's and '60's, Aurora continued to build on their primary line of military airplanes by introducing kits devoted to civilian aircraft, military ships and other vehicles (especially tanks), and even a limited number of automobiles. Their first 'figural' kits - model kits devoted to a character rather than a piece of machinery - was the Blue Knight and the Black Knight, in 1956.

The figural kits took a horrific turn starting in 1962 when Aurora launched the first of its monster-themed models, Frankenstein, to a skeptical trade. The kit was instantly a smash success, and the company's machines worked 'round the clock, seven days a week, to crank out the plastic pieces for the Frankenstein kit, as well as the Dracula and Wolfman kits which soon followed. These too became top sellers, so that by 1964, Aurora had sold nearly seven and a half million of the monster kits.

Superheroes, spaceships from TV and film, and historical characters could also be found in boxes bearing the familiar oval Aurora logo. When the Batman TV series became a pop culture sensation in 1966, the company cranked out a number of Bat-vehicles. Prehistoric cavemen and dinosaurs were snapped up by imaginative kids.

The company lasted until 1977. By then part of Nabisco Corporation, Aurora had been limping along for years, its sales steadily declining for various reasons. The main reason, however, was simply that kids weren't building models in the numbers they had during the previous two decades. Nabisco basically broke up the company and sold the pieces.

Thankfully, Aurora's models have not disappeared for good. Not only do many kits (built and unbuilt) still survive, untouched by the hoary hand of time, but companies such as Polar Lights and Revell-Monogram (formed by the joining of two separate model giants) have re-issued popular kits from the Aurora catalog. Adults who thrilled at Aurora's imaginative model kits in their youth can reintroduce the hobby to their kids and grandkids - and the mystique surrounding the name of Aurora can live on.

Figure Kits

Movie Monsters
Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde
Forgotten Prisoner of Castel-Mare
King Kong
the Munsters
Phantom of the Opera
the Witch

Monsters of the Movies

Frankenstein's Flivver

Monster Scenes
Dr. Deadly*
Gruesome Goodies*

Comic Book Super Heroes / Comic Scenes
Lone Ranger*
Wonder Woman

Other 1960's Figures
Captain Action
Flag Raising at Iwo Jima*
Jesse James
Zorro (Walt Disney)

Prehistoric Scenes
the Cave*
Spiked Dinosaur*


Banana Buggy
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang*
Flying Saucer
Land of the Giants (giant snake)*
Lost In Space (giant Cyclops)
Mod Squad Station Wagon (1/25 Scale)*
the Robot from Lost In Space*
Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Other Fighting Men
Aramis - 3 Musketeers*
Athos - 3 Musketeers*

Black Bear & Cubs*


World War I
Albatross D-3
Barnstormers Customizing Kit*
F2B Brisfit*
Fokker D-7
Nieuport 28
Pfalz D-3
SE-5 Scout
Sopwith Camel

Between the Wars
Boeing F4B-4*
Curtiss Hawk P-6E*
SBC-3 Helldiver

World War II
AT-6 Texan*
B-17 Flying Fortress*
Boeing B-29 Superfortress*
British Spitfire
F6F Hellcat
P-40 Flying Tiger

Post War Military
A-37 Strike Jet*
Avro CF-100*
Boeing B52 Stratofortress*
Boeing KC-135 Jet Stratotanker*
C-119 Flying Boxcar
Cessna T-37*
Convair B-36 Giant Bomber*
F-102 Dart
F-107 Fighter Bomber*
F4H Phantom
Hiller X-18
North American F-100 Super Sabre*
X15 Rocket Powered Plane*

Bell AH-1G Assault Copter*
Sikorsky HH-3 Jolly Green Giant

Civilian Aviation
Cessna 310*


Historic Sailing Ships
Viking Ship

Modern Ships

Rockets & Missiles

Regulus II*

Cars & Trucks

1/32 Cars and Hot Rods
Chevy Monza GT*
Cobra GT Coupe*
Lola T-70

Military Vehicles

1st Series, 1956-69
Sherman Tank
Tiger Tank*