Batmobile model kit

Batmobile model The Batmobile model kit was released by Aurora starting in 1967. It would remain in production through 1970.

The model pieces are composed of black, chrome, and clear plastic. Also comes with Batman-logo decals.

The Batmobile, one of the most famous fictional autos in history, first appeared in Detective Comics #27, 1939. Its design evolved over the years as real-world cars changed. The 'classic' Batmobile, which this kit resembles, is taken from the 1966 Batman TV series. It was designed by customizer George Burris, from a Lincoln Futura concept car.

This is one of four Bat-vehicle model kits produced by Aurora. The other three are the Batplane, the Batcylce, and the Batboat.

Note: the first-issue Aurora box has a purple background; the subsequent releases have light blue, as shown here.