Captain Action model kit

Captain Action model In 1967 Aurora released their model kit devoted to Captain Action, a popular action figure from Ideal. It would remain in production through 1970.

The figure pieces come in dark metallic-blue plastic, along with a decal of the character's chest emblem. The figure stands on a base reading 'Captain Action', and carries a knife in one hand and a pistol in the other.

The Captain Action toy is fondly remembered by boys of the time. The base action figure could be augmented by a number of licensed character disguises, so that he could change into (for example) Spider-Man, the Lone Ranger, Superman, and others. His teen sidekick was named Action Boy and his archenemy was Dr. Evil.

Note: This model, when assembled, stands nearly 12" tall; it is the tallest Aurora figure model, aside from the Gigantic Frankenstein.