Batman model kit

Batman model kit Aurora released their first model kit devoted to Batman in 1964. The kit came within a box measuring 7"x13".

The model features the Caped Crusader grabbing onto the limb of a dead tree and using it to swing forward, preparing to release his Batarang with his other hand. A pair of bats flitter about a small tree stump nearby.

Their first kit release came before the Batman TV show aired in 1966, but would be re-released to capitalize on the popularity of the show. In addition, by 1967 there would also be kits devoted to Robin, the Penguin, the Batmobile, the Batboat, the Batcycle, and the Batplane.

This kit would be re-issued in 1974 as part of Aurora's Comics Scenes line, with a different box and containing a free comic.