Tonto model kit

Tonto model kit on Ebay
Tonto model kit After its initial success with the monster figural kits during the 1960's, Aurora decided to expand its line to appeal to a larger audience. Naturally, this led them to consider licensing popular characters from such media as comicbooks and television.

The Lone Ranger was a character very familiar to kids through these media. Western dramas were still immensely popular, and every boy wanted to emulate his cowboy heroes, or perhaps to live a more wild life like the American Indians who were portrayed as the cowboys' nemeses, or occasionally allies.

The character of Tonto was probably the most popular Native American Indian fictional character. He had been introduced as early as the Lone Ranger's 12th radio episode back in 1933, so he was an integral character in those adventures from practically the very beginning.

Aurora released the Tonto model kit beginning in 1967 through 1969. The figure was originally part of the Comic Book Super Heroes line of that era, and was later also part of the Comic Scenes line during 1974-75, with different box art. (The box art for the original release, shown here, was painted, while the Comic Scenes release featured more comicbook-like colored line art.)

The model features Tonto in a typical Southwestern scene, with a rattlesnake coiled on the ground nearby, while Tonto's pet eagle Taka lands upon a branch. The kit was molded in tan plastic.