Spider-Man model kit

Spider-Man Model Kit

Aurora Plastics Co. produced a small line of superhero model kits beginning in 1966. Naturally, one of their first choices was to do one devoted to the amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Comics' number-one character.

The model is of Spider-Man crouching on a banister, firing his webbing and tying up his defeated enemy, Kraven the Hunter. The box for the 1974 reissue of the model tells the story a bit more fully: in what appears to be an abandoned house, Spider-Man has defeated Kraven and two of his pet animals. The box artwork appears to have been done by John Romita Sr., who at that time was art director at Marvel.

In addition, the 1974 reissue also came packaged with a small (6-1/4"x9-3/4"), 8-page comic book depicting the adventure.

The model was molded in red plastic.

The Comic Scenes reissue box is shown at right.

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