Frankenstein model kit

Vintage Monster Magazine Collecting
Aurora Frankenstein model Aurora Plastics Corp. issued their model kit devoted to Frankenstein's monster in 1961. It came in a vertical box measuring 4"x13". The model was roughly 1/12 scale.

The model features the famous patchwork monster with the sleepy eyes, walking forward with arms outstretched, a gravestone just behind him.

This model marked the beginning of Aurora's successful line of monster-themed models, which would last for several years. It would be released at roughly the same time that the Monster Craze was beginning in the 1960's, which saw kids clamoring for anything featuring an image of their favorite horror characters, then being shown in syndication all over the country.

So popular was this kit that Aurora created a second master mold, and for a time kept both running 24 hours a day to meet demand.

Aurora would reissue this kit in 1969 in a 12"x12" box (shown at right) with extra glow-in-the-dark pieces; the owner had the option of building the traditional model with dark plastic or incorporating the glow pieces (usually hands and head for most characters) for an eerie effect.