King Kong model kit

Aurora King Kong model kit In 1964 Aurora issued their model kit devoted to King Kong. It was molded in black (for Kong's body) and tan (for everything else). The original box measured 4"x13".

The model is posed standing over a jungle clearing, with a couple of small trees and snakes lying around by his feet; in his right hand he is clutching a young woman.

Five years later Aurora would attempt to reinvigorate their monster model line by introducing kits with optional glow-in-the-dark parts. These would feature all of the normal model parts, with select ones (such as the subject's head and hands) also available as pieces that glow in the dark. The King Kong kit was reissued in just such a fashion.

The original film version of King Kong from 1933 is still one of the most beloved fantasy movies of all time, professed to be the favorite of many critics, directors, and fans. The character became popular in the late 1960's in Japan thanks to such films as King Kong Escapes and King Kong Vs. Godzilla, as well as the children's cartoon The King Kong Show. In 1976 producer Dino de Laurentiis created a modern remake of the film, and in 2005 director Peter Jackson created his own version of the original gorilla monster.