Pfalz D-3 model airplane kit

Pfalz D-3 model airplane kit on Ebay
German Pfalz D-3 Aurora released this plastic model kit dedicated to German aircraft the Pfalz D-3 between 1958 and 1966.

Although the box art shows this plane in flight, the kit comes with a small figure of a mechanic made to stand on the wing of the plane next to the pilot's cockpit, so that the plane would be represented as on the ground. The pilot was also issued as a small figure. This kit was molded in gray plastic.

The Pfalz D-3 was a German fighter aircraft used during the First World War. First seeing service in August 1917, the plane was seen as particularly well-suited to diving attacks on Allied observation balloons. Considered inferior to other fighters available to German pilots at the time, many D-3's were sent to flight schools to train new pilots, although most were still in service at the end of the war.

The box art was by Jo Kotula.