Wolfman model kit

Aurora Wolfman model kit In 1962 Aurora issued the third in their series of classic monster model kits, this time featuring the Wolfman as made famous by the 1941 film featuring Lon Chaney Jr.

This kit was molded in brown plastic and was approximately 1/12 scale. The box measured 4"x13".

Curiously, the model's pose in no way resembles that shown on the original box art (see at right). There was no tree prop, and the werewolf wore no shirt. Instead we have a shirtless werewolf with his face in a horrible scowl, holding his clawed hands aloft; his pants are ripped at the bottom. He stands on an uneven base which also features a human skull and a rat.

This model was re-released starting in 1969 with extra glow-in-the-dark parts (head and hands), and with boxed art that more closely resembles the finished sculpt.

Although specifically licensed by Universal, the Aurora wolfman's features do not particularly resemble those of Lon Chaney Jr.