Buffy paper dolls

Buffy paper doll This Buffy paper doll set was released in 1968 by Whitman (Western Publishing).

This paper doll set comes with two dolls: one a photograph of Buffy actress Anissa Jones, and a smaller doll of her own onscreen doll, Mrs. Beasley. Over 30 oufits and accessories (including a rocking bed for Mrs. Beasley) were also included.

Buffy was one of the moppets from the popular Family Affair TV series. Even more popular, perhaps, was the character's onscreen doll companion, Mrs. Beasley. Mrs. Beasley became a very sought-after toy in her own right.

Note: There was a different Buffy paper doll set released by Whitman the following year, as well as a Buffy & Jodie boxed set in 1970. There were also a Family Affair paper doll set in 1970, and a Mrs. Beasley set in 1974.

Value: This paper doll book in Mint condition can fetch as much as $40.00.