Chitty Chitty Bang Bang paper dolls

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang paper doll book was released by Whitman (Western Publishing) in 1968.

The set contains five die-cut dolls - the father, the father's love interest, boy and girl, and Grandpa. There are also 34 punch-out clothing items and accessories for them.

The book is based upon a popular children's movie of the time. Dick Van Dyke starred as Caractacus Potts, a tinkering but ne'er-do-well inventor who fixes up a car so that it can fly and do other amazing things.

More Chitty Chitty Bang Bang facts:
- Benny Hill appeared in the film as a toymaker.
- The main villain of the film was a man who went around kidnapping and imprisoning children - which horrified an entire generation of little ones (including this author).
- A sequence from the film gave birth to Toot Sweets, a product that was both a candy and a whistle.
- The book, upon which the film was based, was written by Ian Fleming - the man who created James Bond.