Dr. Kildare and Nurse Susan paper dolls

Dr. Kildare paper dolls This paper doll book devoted to the TV characters Dr. Kildare and his nurse Susan was released by Lowe in 1962.

The set featured three die-cut dolls, one of Dr. Kildare, and two of Nurse Susan. There are about 30 items of clothing and accessories for the two characters, reflecting both their professional and private lives.

Note: Some of the fashions in this set originally came in two previous Lowe paper doll books, Bob Cummings and His Models, and Airline Stewardess.

Dr. Kildare was a TV series that started in 1961 and was immediately popular. It told the stories of an earnest young doctor (played by Richard Chamberlain) at Blair General Hospital. Chamberlain became something of a teen idol for his good looks and popularity from the series.