Liddle Kiddles paper dolls

Liddle Kiddles paper dolls The Liddle Kiddles paper doll book was published by Whitman (Western Publishing) in 1967.

This set contains no less than nine die-cut dolls of the Kiddle characters: Babe Biddle, Bunson Burnie, Freezy Sliddle, Lola Liddle, Sizzly Friddie, Soapy Siddle, Surfy Skiddle, Trikey Triddle, and Windy Fliddle, along with 60 press-out pieces of clothing items and accessories with tabs. Each tab features the name of the character to which it belongs.

The Liddle Kiddles were very small dolls released by Mattel starting in 1966. The small, cute dolls captured the imaginations of little girls immediately, and several different series of dolls were issued, including Storybook Kiddles, Lucky Locket Kiddles, etc.

This was the first of several paper doll books that Whitman published devoted to the doll line.