Paper Dolls

Paper dolls have been around as long as there has been paper. Faces or other objects were applied to paper and they were used during religious rituals and ceremonies in Asian cultures centuries ago. The Japanese used paper for origami - artful paper folding - and dating back to 800 AD they folded paper figurines in the shape of kimonos. Balinese people made paper and leather into puppets since before the Christian era. Other cultures around the world have had paper formations or paper art, including in Poland, where they were called Wy'cinanki. These early types of paper figures differ from typical paper dolls today, as no clothes were made to be used with the dolls.

The biggest early producer of paper dolls, McLoughlin Brothers, was founded in early 1800 and was sold to Milton Bradley in the 1920's. Around this time paper dolls became popular in the USA and then grew in popularity in the following decades.

Book publishing companies that followed in the production of paper dolls or cut-outs were Lowe, Whitman, Saalfield, and Merrill among others. Movie stars and celebrities became the focus in the early days of paper dolls in the USA. Paper dolls are still produced today by such companies as Whitman and Golden Co.

Vintage paper dolls with hand-painted artwork are becoming increasingly rare due to paper aging issues. They have become collectible, and the prices for mint uncut sets can be between $100 and up to over $500 for a sought after title.

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