Twiggy Magic paper dolls

Twiggy Magic Paper Doll The Twiggy Magic Paper Doll was released in 1967 from Whitman (Western Publishing).

This was the second Twiggy paper doll set released that year by Whitman. The other set was a traditional one with die-cut doll and punch-out outfits; this Magic set in the vertical box featured clothes without tabs, that stayed on the Twiggy figure when they were rubbed onto it briskly for a few moments - the 'Magic' part of the title.

The set came with more than 60 clothing items and accessories, as well as a photo album with three different photos of Twiggy.

Twiggy was a British fashion model of the mid-1960's who shot to sudden fame at a time when the public would be hard-pressed to name a single professional model. Her androgynous short hair, large eyes, and tall, thin figure brought her the admiration of millions of girls.