Space Explorer robot by Horikawa

Space Explorer robot by Horikawa on Ebay
Space Explorer robot Japanese firm Horikawa released this Space Explorer robot in the 1960's.

The robot walks as its antenna turns, and 'space scenes' are shown on its chest viewscreen. It is battery operated.

Horikawa also made a couple of robots referred to on their boxes as 'New Space Explorer,' each with chest doors that open to reveal the viewscreen; one has a similar astronaut-face head and another with a more traditional robotic head.

Two other robots released prior to this one (and by other companies) are called Space Explorer robots.

Note: The example shown at right is silver colored, while this robot can more often be found in basic black.

Value: In Excellent condition and with original packaging, this toy cn abring up to $300.00 - $350.00.