Tin - Windup - Battery-Operated Toys

Marx Nutty Mads drummer Before the age of plastic, toys had to be made out of more primitive materials. Modern mechanical innovations necessitated the use of metals such as tin to create toys that featured different actions. This section mainly deals with the more old-fashioned toys - many still in production in one form or another today - which are characterized by their composition (tin), or their method of action (battery-powered or wind-up). Most were imported from Japan.

We also include the Robot section here because it fits so well and in many ways is a sub-category of the other three. (See the Space & Sci-Fi Toys section for similar stuff.) We plan to do a separate Antique Toys section in the future for pre-1950 toys; many similar items will be listed there.

Please be patient with us as we set this section up.

Barber Bear by Linemar
Begging Dog by Nomura
Bubble Lion
Cubby the Reading Bear by Alps
Happy Chick by Yonezawa
Morrie the Drummer Monkey
Nutty Mad Drumming Indian by Marx
Piggy Cook by Yonezawa
Pinocchio by Rosko
Popeye the Basketball Player by Linemar
Schuco Solisto Monkey Violinist
Yeti by Marx