Agent Zero M Nightfighter toy gun

Agent Zero M Nightfighter The Agent Zero M line was a series of toys produced by Mattel in the mid-1960's as a response to the popularity of the spy genre, specifically all of the cool weapons used by James Bond in that film series. While much of the Agent Zero M line consisted of weapons disguised as ordinary items (i.e., a camera which was really a pistol), a few toys in the group were clearly in the toy-gun camp. The primary example of this is the Nightfighter Sub-Machine Gun.

The toy measures 28 inches long. The gun is paiinted camouflased, and features the Agent Zero M logo imprinted on both sides of the gun stock. The 'infrared' red filter night scope is 9 inches long, with a 2-inch viewfinder and a 4-inch silencer at the end of the barrel.

In addition to being very well made, the Nightfighter is one of the most highly sought-after toy guns of its era. The Agent Zero M line is already popular with collectors, and this toy (along with the Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster) are difficult to find in good condition and command a high price.

A model in excellent condition with original packaging might fetch around $600.00; without packaging, ~$400.00.